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The 2163 Restart: a period of time when the balance of this world was upset by an unknown cause and was ultimately forced to restart with only a few survivors to rebuild this world. The 2163 Restart: a fun myth to some, a reality to others, and a good excuse for a month off from your job to most.

Whatever your case may be, welcome to Crucen! The capital country of the world and your home, where you were born, raised, and have lived your whole life. Crucen, the most advanced country when it comes to technology and cultural advancements, yet the smallest country in N.O.N.E. Ah, yes, Crucen, the safest country on this world, wherein one can wake up every day with a smile on their face and the knowledge that you are safe from harm's way and absolutely nothing can go wrong.

...That is, until today.

You're not sure when it all started--neither sides are, but all you know is that you woke up, expecting to go through another normal day in your life, only to realize that this day would change your life forever.

There are people falling out of the sky, appearing from thin air, as well as flying out of nowhere through a gaping black hole. Some of them may be fortunate enough to fall unconscious as soon as they arrive, but the unlucky ones will barely register that, no, this isn't their world anymore, before falling unconscious due to the migraine they currently seem to be experiencing.

You barely register as your favorite show is interrupted by by a news broadcast, and you hear something about worm holes and an unexplained phenomenon, but you're far too shocked to even care.

Welcome to Crucen.

The center of this universe.


Welcome to crucen! We are a multifandom, multiuniverse RPG based around the premise of a futuristic city set in the exact center of this universe, wherein characters from other worlds are pulled into Crucen by an unknown natural phenomenon. We allow both the OU (canon) version and the AU (born and raised in the world this game takes place in), so basically there are two of everyone running around!

Sound interesting?

Then join us!



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